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Hello, my name is Charly Rodrigo & I am a Level 5 Reflexologist offering foot, hand and facial Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Indian head Massage & Reiki. I work from my peaceful therapy room at home in Handbridge, Chester.

I am a full member of the 'Association of Reflexologists' and have my profile on their website. I am also fully insured.

As a Level 5 Reflexologist I was required to do a fully comprehensive 'Reflexology Mastership' course, over a minimum of 1 year, with over 120 hours of hands-on client case-study practise, & full assessment in many areas including Anatomy & Physiology. In comparison, a practising Level 3 Reflexologist may have only done a short course, taught over 2 weeks, with minimal hands-on practise.

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A little bit about me...

I really do love my work sharing these lovely therapies with others & seeing the benefits that they gain from them. I grew up in Chester & then moved to London in my early twenties after a year travelling; this was when I first became interested in natural health & complementary therapies. I had a history of ill health & really wanted to try to see if I could improve my condition through natural health. It was during this time that I tried a whole range of complementary therapies & really noticed the improvements. I started out interested in Kinesiology & Bio Resonance & did a short course in the former. I had also started a Nutrition course, but was unable to complete it due to ill health. However, from my early 30's I became a bit of a complementary therapy 'junkie' & vowed one day that I would train to be a Complementary Therapist when the time was right. After the birth of my twins & making the decision to return to Chester I began studying Reflexology - it was a year's course & I felt it was manageable with the twins being so young. I hadn't really tried Reflexology thoroughly enough to know it was right for me, but I had a big interest in Chinese Medicine & knew the connections to Reflexology, so I thought I'd give it a go. During the course I got to receive countless reflexology treatments & was blown away with how relaxing it was & how balanced I felt after a treatment. The rest is history.....I just kept going & learning more & more & now I feel I have a wealth of personal & professional experience under my belt. As a result everyone I treat receives a personalised treatment in accordance with their physical & emotional needs.

My interest & qualifications

Reflexology is an amazing therapy in its own right, however I love to weave in reiki & visualisation work to encourage a deeper level of experience. Pairing reflexology with Indian Head massage also gives a thoroughly relaxing treatment from head to toe. Whatever you choose to receive, I can guarantee that you will leave feeling totally relaxed, balanced & that your body will begin to hone in to its amazing potential for self healing. I am so happy to support you on your 'sole journey' to happiness & wellbeing.

Related Qualifications:
Diagnostic Kinesiology, with Newlands Park Natural Health Care Centre, London in 2010
First & Second Degree in Reiki, with S. Rubens, India in 2011
Centralia Reflexology Mastership (Level 5), with Gaia School of Natural Health, Cheshire in 2016 (included Fertility & Pregnancy & Cancer Care CPD's)
Inner Intent Reflexology, Contemporary Reflexology College, Cheshire in 2017
ABC Level 3 Diploma in Aromatherapy, with Gaia School of Natural Health, Cheshire in 2017
NeuroEndoPsychoImmunoPody (NEPIP), with Gaia School of Natural Health, Cheshire in 2017
Dien Chan Zone Italian Facial Reflexology, with A.I.R.F.I, Cheshire in 2018
Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD) CPD, with Sally Kay, Cheshire in 2018
Reflexology for Women's Health CPD, with Reflexology Academy, Cheshire in 2018
Adapted Reflextherapy in Spinal Pain including Whiplash, with Gunnel Berry, Cheshire in 2018
Foot Reading with Sam Belyea, Cheshire in 2018
Practitioners Diploma in Indian Head Massage, Gateway Workshops, Manchester in 2019
I am currently studying for a Certificate in Wellness Kinesiology, with the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice (ICPKP), Cheshire.

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